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When was the last time you updated your WordPress site?

You are a small business owner, not a WP administrator.


on your business and your clients


knowing that your website is in good hands


see the results you want for your business

Services that Make Your Website Thrive

WP-Thrive Technical Maintenance Plans

All our maintenance packages offer the same high quality services and then some…

Kickoff Meeting


Content curation & updates

Automated Cloud Backups

Whatever frequency is required for your website size, activity and traffic. No extra charge

Uptime Monitoring

24/7 monitoring

Performance Optimization

Page Load, Image Load, & Database Optimization

Site Security

Server side and website plugin based security. Site-wide SSL encryption. Malware scans.

Best in Class WordPress hosting

Plugin Updates

Regular plugin updates that patch security concerns.

... Here is what we will and will not do:

  • We will base all our suggestions on data.
  • We are transparent and flexible.
  • We will not charge you for more frequent backups.
  • We will not sell you stuff that you don’t need.

Here our maintenance plans …

Advanced Services

New feature configuration

When your website is missing a specific feature, we will find and install a pre-made plugin for you.

Feature Development

When your site needs a unique custom feature, we will build it for you

Theme Customization

When your site is ready for a refresh, we will customize a WP Theme or develop a new one for you.

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Discovery
  • Funnel Definition and Testing

Digital Marketing implementation

  • CRM tools setup
  • Inbound Marketing:
    • Amplifying the impact of positive customer reviews
    • Presence on relevant professional referral web platforms
    • Targeted content creation distributed via relevant social media.
    • SEO
  • Outbound Marketing:
    • Direct Notifications
    • Prompts & Banners
    • Email campaigns & newsletters

What Can You Expect from Us?

No nickle-and-diming

  • We run a free initial and regular Website Health Check
  • We perform a free initial and regular test website load performance
  • We install SSL on all sites we manage
  • We provide you with a free initial and regular SEO report
  • We offer advanced technical maintenance plans for all our customers.
  • No extra cost for backing up your website once a week, once a day or every hour.
  • No extra cost for site security monitoring and malware scans
  • No extra cost for providing you with regular maintenance reports
  • No extra cost for website heath check, site migration or malware cleanup

Pro-active Thinking

Direct Contact

  • We start all our engagements with a goals, requirements gathering and market position review meeting.
  • We do regular free website review meeting with you


  • All advanced technical or marketing work is project based.
  • And we are happy to use a lower rate for an agreed upon monthly number of development hours or digital marketing implementation hours


  • You get a detailed report that includes: maintenance tasks performed, website health check and key traffic statistics
  • We keep a detailed log of all the tasks we perform for your website with duration and dates. You can access this log at any time.

About Us

Michael Gunn

Michael Gunn

Michael is a software developer and project manager in Philadelphia, PA. He has been programming within the WordPress framework for about 10 years, with supplemental experience in .NET Core, Python, and Google’s Flutter. His favorite WordPress plugin to date is Advanced Custom Fields.

Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to obtain a business degree from Rutgers University. He furthered his education at Drexel University studying Digital Media, where he had his first foray into coding and immediately took a liking towards it.

A few characteristics that Michael tries to employ in his daily life are effective communication, self sufficiency, perpetual learning and open-mindedness. Michael enjoys building things, fixing things, and figuring out how things work. He is currently in the process of renovating his first home in Fishtown.

Michael competes in a local volleyball league, loves lawn games and board games, and spends summer weekends relaxing on the beach with a Games magazine, except on Sundays when he’s aggressively rooting for the Eagles.

Jacques Sapriel

Jacques Sapriel

Jacques has been working with WordPress for over ten years and when friends and acquaintances asked him for help maintaining their WP websites, he realized that maintaining WordPress websites while helping small and medium size businesses grow and thrive is the direction he wants to give to his professional life.

Jacques’ roles have been at the juncture of Marketing, Data and Technology which makes him uniquely skilled at identifying  Marketing Strategies, testing them through Data Analytics and implementing digital marketing campaigns for WP-Thrive clients.Jacques ran very large and complex email campaigns for a West Coast Fintech firm. He also was among the group of people who implemented the first modern Data Warehouse based Data Analytics systems.

Jacques loves to travel and go rock climbing with friends in far-away places with stunning landscapes, where only mountain goats and crazy rock climbers go.

Jacques holds an Undergraduate Business degree in Marketing from the “Ecole de Management” Strasbourg – France and an MBA in International Marketing and MIS from the Kelley Graduate School of Business at Indiana University.

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